"Way Before They Were Scorps"
This Just In, From Diana Mason-Smelt & Paula Ubinger Baker

To the Best of Their Memory...
(If We Missed or Misidentified Somebody, Let Us Know)

Last row of boys against the chalk board
Middle : Richard Brown
Right: Merlin Tripp

2nd row from the back:
Middle : Doug Wellman
Right: Carrell Wallace

The girls table (with one lonesome boy) starting on the left:
Cindy Young   -   Susan (non-SHS)
Me, Diana Mason (not one of my better shots)
Susan (non SHS)   -   Carolyn

Back wall
Susan Kapushy   -  Erin Braswell  -  Pat Pontis
Linda (non-SHA)  -   Cheryl (NonSHS)
Paula Ubinger