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Hello Everybody! Thanks to those who made it to our 40th reunion. I think everyone really had a great time, I'm still smiling from all of the memories and fun of the weekend. I hope the folks that could not make it to this one will make an effort to attend the next one.

So keep in touch with yours friends and check back to this website in the future.  Follow the link(s) below to view pix from the 40th. This first set is from Vance Temple, as well as lots of other shots from other classmates on Facebook. Enjoy!

Thank-yous to all, but especially "the committee." Lesley & Marc Bouwsma, Vance Temple, Lee Fuller Rocque, Mike Swift, Barbara Kane, Debbie Oppenheim Vaseilou, Barbara Adams and Kenny Berger.

Both events went off without a hitch, largely because of the people there. What a great group, and when it came to breaking down and cleaning up, damn it was like an army was attacking it. Big thanks for everybody that helped at the end of the nights.  Especially Meg, "mopper extraordiniare." And thanks to Marc and Bill V. for the Friday night's "tablecloth dilemma" handling. One last thanks to Janice Kane and Pamela Swift ('75) for helping with the Saturday night setup.

Paula Ubinger Baker's 40th Pix
Vance Temple's 40th Pix
SHS '73 40th Reunion Pix

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Thanks to EVERYONE who attended, the reunion would not have been the success it was without YOU. Many of you who have rarely attend were welcomed faces, along with the enduring friends that gather every five years.

First set from Leslie Bouswma

Second set from Leslie Bouswma

Third set from Leslie Bouswma

Friday and Saturday from
Vance Temple's "pass around camera"

Past Reunion Pics


A letter to the editor that appeared in the Florida TODAY paper a couple of days after our reunion. Thanks for the kind words Meg.